I am the true sense of a Gemini.

Before you turn your head and think "oh god, I'm not into this stuff" let me explain to you what I mean. 

Ive always had an overwhelming pressure to be good at a lot and to do as much as I can in the smallest amount of time. 

When I was a full time college student I also worked full time, wrote and recorded my own music, started and maintained a very profitable photography business, traveled the world and paid off my school loans with in 3 years of graduating. 

I change my mind more frequently than the seasons, I am inspired by spending time and getting to know other humans, I receive energy creating and I am given energy when I'm around others. 

I lead a really normal life, I promise. But I can't help but always receive the question, " Do you even work?".  I do! 

And right now I am actually deciding to get back into more creative work: photography, music, fashion, you name it. 

But my overall goal is to expand my human reach and by that I mean, I want to connect connect connect. I'm passionate about healthy living, healthy products, exercise, traveling, animals, nature and PEOPLE. If any of these things appeal to you then let's be friends. 

Friends first, then work.


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